i recently had a snickers bar for the first time in a long time and 2-3 bites in, something unexpected happened. a peanut was over-roasted. i guess in your product, that’s the one thing you can’t control. the peanut is the wildcard.

dear allison, i’ve come to understand that you are the vice president of marketing for mars candy bars and that you are the person i should talk to about my experience.

you see, that bite changed something in me.

when i was a boy, i loved cheez it crackers. more specifically though, i really liked the cheez its with the burnt corners. i would dig through a bag to find them. i even tried to put them in the oven and burn them myself. (it didn’t work, by the way. at least not the way i wanted it to.)

one day at my local grocer, i came across this box……

….and i know it might seem strange, but seeing that other people requested the flavor made me feel less alone. less like of a weirdo. other people liked the burnt corners too!

that’s where you come in, allison. see….i notice all the different snickers you guys sell. brownie snickers and spicy snickers…, peanut butter…..but i’ve never seen one where you just cook the peanuts a little longer. i can’t be the only one who’s requested it. hell, you probably have a reject stack of peanuts where your guys forgot to take them out at the right time. just use those. it could end up being a dud…or it could be huge. i just don’t want to keep not telling the world what i want, cause nobody will know unless you tell them. and you’re the person to tell, i hear.

best regards,


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