WFOD is the pinnacle of fine quality live entertainment. It’s highbrow humor and unique approach to broadcasting has earned them countless praise from their peers and listeners alike. Since it’s inception in 2010, the show has interviewed a wide range of guests from grammy nominated musicians, pet psychics, professional wrestlers, comedians, presidential candidates (PLURAL!) and more. Beyond interviews, they also produce a variety of bits that really, really work.  


Mike brushes his teeth in the shower and worries constantly about death, other people’s opinion of him and everything else. He was his grade school’s spelling bee champion, which is something he references often although it’s not all that impressive if you really think about it.  He’s from St. Louis, MO.


Drunk hibernates like a bear and is the show’s resident stuntman. He has a room in his home dedicated to nothing but dressers. He wears his shoes 1.5 sizes too big. People have sent us e-mails concerned that he has some kind of respiratory issue, but what you’re hearing is most likely a combination of smoking and hard living. He’s from St. Louis, MO.

10650009_10152307881111606_616716642809416498_nTravis collects comic books and nicknames. He lives in Wisconsin but doesn’t like the Packers. He has a hard time keeping his pets alive and buys things that are being discontinued to save for 10 years to eventually sell on eBay. It’s a long game. Many years ago, a man in a bar initiated an altercation with him by calling him a “Popcorn Bitch.” He has taken the power back by claiming this nickname and in doing so has inspired a worldwide audience.

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