So as long as we’ve been doing this god damned show, I’ve titled episodes starting with the episode number. Someone early on said it was important to number them so they can be referenced easier….

Example: “you guys talked about what a simp was on episode 457.” (Fun fact: that’s true.)

Also I like numbering them cause I like celebrating milestones. I celebrate my birthday too. Fight me.

Couple years ago stupid Apple podcasts or iTunes or whatever those boneheads are called now told me I shouldn’t put numbers on them any more cause they had their own separate numbers. I took that to just be their problem. In retrospect, it does look stupid….

What’s worse about that is if these “reference points” are so important….Apple, which accounts for 75% of our downloads, has a different one than other services who carry more or less episodes of our catalogue. (Nobody but Podbean has them all to the best of my knowledge)

So I see just a few weeks ago someone said the number in front screws up search results. If, for instance, you want to find podcasts Adam Carolla has guested on….you’ll only find ones where “Adam Carolla” is the first two words of a title. This means no one will find him on our show (actual episode #311/iTunes episode #80 as of this blog posting) The evidence is mounting that maybe I should change my ways. Starting last week, I moved episode numbers to the end. That episode has performed slightly better than previous ones, which just may be a testament to the popularity of local trivia author Steven Ferrel rather than some magic on-switch of fandom. It is something to pay attention to now though.

There’s crossroads we’ve encountered over the years where I’ve held the wheel straight and plowed through corn fields. That’s not to say we haven’t changed. Maybe there’s just been times we should’ve changed more. Maybe when Apple sends me an email telling me the numbers might be bad, I should listen. My stubbornness has probably made discovering us harder than it should be. I guess I should apologize to all the folks who have missed out on a lot of great podcasting. I’ll try to do better.

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