solar panel stuff keeps getting cheaper.  i can get little solar lights at the dollar store now.

there’s a bunch of reasons why.  they’re more common, which means it’s being made so often that the materials are more common and more people are used to making them…….so they fuck up less.  solar shit is just something we have now and it happened quick.  in 2008, the united states’ energy consumption was 1 tenth of 1%.  by 2040, they expect it to be about 15%.  you see more and more christmas lights every year relying on solar.  i’m just talking about the stuff that effects me and my shopping at target ass.  big companies get to a point where it’s cheaper to do solar, and they’ll do solar.  that day will come when we’ve hit our fidget spinner hilt and the supply far exceeds the demand.  when you’ve gotten so good at making so much of something that people don’t really give a shit any more.

i’ve made the argument several times that there’s too much garbage.  we don’t have a plan to get rid of all of it.  i make garbage and then a truck comes and takes it somewhere.  i can’t keep all the garbage here or it will fill my house.  the earth is a much bigger version of my house and it will take a really long time to fill it, but the comparison is still there.  the garbage needs to go somewhere.  we can’t just stuff it under our beds.  we have to get rid of it.

so we send the garbage to space.

“but mike, that’d be too expensive.”

yes.  building a rocket-barge to blast the garbage into space would be expensive.  at first.  over time though, we will get really good at building rocket barges.  people will see the value in them and pay double their current trash bill.  my trash bill is like $30 for 3 months or something ridiculously cheap like that.  if $60 will send my garbage to space where i don’t have to smell it any more, i will gladly pay that.  we will all pay that and our garbage rockets will be funded easily.  over time, the rockets will become more efficient, cheaper and better for everyone and our planet will be all the better for it with our solar energy and our fragrant air.

the fat wall-e people filled their earth with trash and had no choice but to go fly around in space.  the trash doesn’t need to breath though.  we do.  that’s why we should stay here (not mars…….which is cold and sucks) and just shoot out all the shit that is doing us harm.  there’s a 600,000 square mile collection of bullshit in the pacific ocean that is just going to keep getting bigger.  it’s the size of texas.  if we start building the rockets right now, the price per rocket will be no more than a windmill car in a decade or two.  we just gotta get the ball rolling before it’s too late.



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