I’d like to know if there was an inspirational intent to characters in comic books that turned lemons into lemonade….well, not even really lemonade. Turned lemons into justice.

Take daredevil for instance.

Daredevil being able to live independently really is more than anyone would expect from a blind dude…and he not ONLY has an uncanny ability (due largely to his disability) to feel his surroundings out with aural sonar….but he USES that ability to keep people safe.

Fucking spider-man got bit by a fucking mega-spider. Sounds like a shitty day…yet instead of using it as an excuse to whine and be all emo, go on disability, park in handicapped spots….or on a lighter note to impress girls with his newfound powers, he fucks ONE SINGLE ginger broad and fights man lizards. It’s an inspiration. The most intriguing aspect of spider-man’s abilities is his “spidey sense.” To the best of my knowledge, (which consists of about 30-40 accumulative hours of spider-man comic reading) he knows when there’s danger by the appearance of 3-4 squiggly black lines above his head.

There’s not really a hint as to what that sensation feels like. Perhaps it’s similar to the symptoms of my recent ailment. Maybe it’s an intense itch in your asshole. Maybe I have spider powers and didn’t even know it. Or maybe it’s something different. Maybe the itch is telling me something else. It’s a calling. Look, daredevil does a lot more with a lot less than a danger sensing asshole. I CAN USE THIS TO MY ADVANTAGE. Forget the disheartening realization that it itches ALL THE TIME, that could just be it getting warmed up. I just need to train it to only itch when there’s trouble. Then again, if I could do that…I could probably just train it to not itch.

I guess that’s the question I have to ask myself. Do I want to trade in my gift just for the comfort of being unaware of impending danger? Would I prefer ignorant bliss and an itch free anus? Or should my discomfort be a sacrifice for the betterment of society? I’ll let you all know when I decide.

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