our friends over at the firnecast (check them out at do a recurring segment where they pull out one of mandy’s old notebooks from high school and read her embarrassing poetry.  i enjoy it a great deal.

recently, she unearthed a song that she had written, which i decided to title “hungry heart.”  the lyrics were everything you’d expect a song written by a teen girl in the mid 90’s to be…..


full of angst and snippets of “borrowed” cliches from alternative rock influences.

i loved it though.  that’s why i decided the best way to show my appreciation for mandy’s songwriting was to record our own version with the best vocalist i know, nappier…..

hungry_heart_by_culpeo_fox-d5fs53fthe results weren’t exactly what i expected when we played it for her.  i wanted mandy to be TOUCHED by our gesture, but i think instead she found it humorous.  WHAT DID I HAVE TO DO TO PAY TRIBUTE TO MY FRIEND’S TALENTS AS A SONGWRITER?

i had no choice but to enlist the talents of an actual professional.  i took to fiverr, where i found a gentleman who was willing to take a crack at it.

709d51_3a642c3cb2414ff5ab3327251fc9241fthis time i thought for sure i would bring her to tears with the stirring tribute.  the day came and we played the song for her……and as if she were made of stone, she simply giggled at what we brought to her.  WHY CAN I NOT INDUCE THE SAME REACTION IN HER THAT HER POEM RIPPED FROM ME?  only time will tell.

only time.

i hope these songs can bring you great joy.  if you would like to give it a try, i encourage it.  beating in each and every one of our chests is a hungry heart.  show it to us.


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