January 11, 2010

mike and napes will be posting a new podcast every week…..that’s pretty much the only thing we can guarentee. the quality/topic/taste will vary week to week.
we hope you enjoy it.
week #1 topics included
“wheelbarrow vs. wheelbarrel”
“douchebag nicknames”
“taking your ak pistol to the park to walk your dog”
“cross contamination/chud babies”
“layne staley saved my friend chris’ life and other technical difficulties”
“napes’ terrible taste in music”
“the guy in korn’s brother’s band and teenage angst”
“mike is a douchebag”
you can e-mail us at
our twitter is live at @WFODicks
become a fan of us on facebook
the comment line is (314)266-9363. if people pay attention to us, we may take calls in the future. for now, leave us a message.
any e-mails/phone messages/twitter comments/facebook messages we recieve may be read/played on the podcast… don’t say anything you wouldn’t want our 3 listeners to hear.

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